Sunday, August 23, 2015

08-23-2015 service.

Great day at the service!  Sermon was based on the first chapter of the Book of Revelation.  HE is the Alpha and the Omega!   The beginning and the end.  The finisher of faith!   HE is the Son of the Living God!  He is and should be on the center of our lives!  Stay focus on Him and He will bless you!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Praying for blessings as a volunteer pastor and for the church.

Please help me as a volunteer pastor!

Grace Deaf Mission Church have been blessed to minister to the deaf and hearing worlds!  As a pastor,  I am very blessed to have the opportunity to share the Gospel to the believers and those who have the desire to hear the Word of God. 

I have been with this church for 2 years now and boy, time sure goes by fast!  In the last few years, I have met some wonderful new people and were able to share the Love of JESUS CHRIST with them.  Just a month ago, I have met a new deaf family and looking forward to get to know them more.  Because of all the help and blessings I have received, I was able to meet them at their hometown and share the Gospel to them. 

I want to do more of that:  Go out and meet new deaf people and win them to CHRIST! 

Thank you for your prayers and donations! 

Pastor Sanchez Jr.